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Universal Clean room Technologies is renowned manufacturers and exporters of a wide extent of clean room. Owing from our gathering of experienced originators, their industry fitness and use of current improvement in our amassing system has drawn in us to both norm and modified scope of according to the customer's requirements.

Our committed experts, explicit specialists and other changing specialists are continually connected with discovering better ways to deal with oversee give best quality to our clients.

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Set apart by quality, fast request handling and convenient conveys,
we have accomplished the most elevated level of customer fulfillment
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Clean Room

Clean room service guarantees hygienic creation offices. Prevent harmful contamination in your procedures and guarantee the security of your products by the utilization of clean room articles of clothing. Clean room services are broadly utilized in different industries where cleanliness is significant. clean rooms are provided with full of satisfaction.

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HVAC Clean Room

HVAC Clean Room will assume a basic role in to maintain up the Clean Room indoor air parameters like Temperature, Relative dampness (RH), Pressure, Sound, Control Air bone molecule presents noticeable all around. It incorporates part of segments and systems to accomplish indoor air quality and satisfation of the customers.

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CleanRoom Equipments

Clean room equipments utilized in the execution and incomprehensible sturdiness. Invigorated by High Efficiency Particulate Air channels, the contraption is set up for clearing particles as 0.5 microns. Right when air goes into the room, it gets drawn by the channel and guaranteeing most unbelievable neatness.

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Hospital Clean Room

Hospital Clean rooms are high-risk regions that should be treated with specific consideration in contriving building the management ideas. With pollution being among the best dangers for individuals, product quality and nature, these rooms must be closely checked and absolutely controlled at all times.

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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow Units are exceptional quality being grown, low degree of working aggravation and impeccable item security. The unit is reasonably annihilated and stores up with the longing for complimentary headway from one spot to other. Air is drawn through a H14 type HEPA occupy and blown in an incredibly smooth.

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Pharma Clean Room

The area having controlled airborne molecule fixation is considered as pharma clean room. These areas are built to limit the presentation, age, and maintenance of airborne particles in the area. The airborne particles play an extensive role in aseptic preparing in light of the fact that the practical particles.

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Modular Clean Room

Modular Clean Rooms guarantees high performance and conforms to the International quality measures. Modular Clean Rooms are generally refreshing for being efficient and offering adaptable answer for clean manufacturing necessities in clinical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and numerous different industries.

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Prefabricated Clean Room

Prefabricated Clean Room is definitely organized out and made by utilizing the superior raw materials with the guide of current collecting methods under the supervision of our experts. Our products are offered to a wide assortment of undertakings over the globe. We offer wide adaptability to meet one of a kind.

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What We Do

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most exceptional and biggest Clean room equipment manufacturing and services, to fashion an amazing serious power in the business and to recognize and effectively meet the changing needs of clients by manufacturing excellent products with compelling utilization of technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Clean Room with International Standards to effectively arrive at different markets and convey world class products to our clients.

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