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Universal Clean Room Technologies is with an expertly directed company with the vision to advance quality, eco-accommodating and innovative products in the field of building materials and prosperity products. We give top need to dependability and framing a supportive relationship with customers, suppliers and agents, while enhancing adequacy in our use of work, materials and imperativeness is one of our inside corporate standards.

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Clean Room

Cleanroom are utilized in for all industry and purposes each industry where little particles can meddle with the assembling procedure. Cleanroom are a situation where the degree of contamination is controlled, determined by the quantity of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule size. Stickiness, temperature and weight can likewise be controlled.

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HVAC Clean Room

HVAC represents Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC Clean room plans include information on guidelines, neatness level rules, wind stream, room pressurization, temperature control. The expanded air supply brings more air changes every hour with new HEPA sifted air coursing into the Cleanroom all the time.

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CleanRoom Equipments

Cleanroom equipment is utilized in Pharmaceuticals, Microelectronics, Laboratory, Semi conductor units and Hospitals. We give customized course of action and plan Cleanroom sorts of equipment for explicit use. The provisions are organized with quality, accommodation, conservativeness and style in focus.

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Hospital Clean Room

Hospital clean rooms can fill several unique needs. One of these is to secure patients with bargained resistant systems. We create and actualize in general Cleanroom answers for emergency clinic. Our service portfolio remembers proficient execution of the individual strides for the affirmation procedure.We give definite documentation.

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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar air flows can keep up a working zone without contaminants. Numerous medical and research labs require clean workplaces so as to do specific work. Laminar Flow Cabinets can give the solution. Laminar air flows make molecule free workplaces by anticipating air through a filtration system and debilitating it over a work surface in a laminar or uni-directional air stream.They give a brilliant clean air condition.

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Pharma Clean Room

The pharma business is dependent upon substantial government guideline, and pharma clean rooms must fulfill stringent guidelines and requirements. The base standard for pharmaceutical clean rooms is by and large particles for each cubic meter. We plans, build, and introduce the greatest pharma clean rooms to meet these necessities. We offer secluded clean rooms that can particular units or that utilize your existing wall and structure.

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Modular Clean Room

Universal Clean Room Technologies Modular Clean Rooms are one of the most well known kinds of clean rooms. These Clean room manufacturers plan them and develop their pre-cut parts at the processing plant, at that point transport them to the customer. At that point, either the customer amasses the pieces nearby utilizing an establishment unit, or gathers them with the assistance of a professional from the equipment manufacturer.

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Prefabricated Clean Room

Prefabricated cleanrooms comprise of a controlled situation that has low degrees of contaminations, for example, vaporized particles, airborne organisms, residue, and substance fumes. Prefabricated Cleanroom systems are assembled explicitly to keep up a controlled degree of sullying that is indicated by the quantity of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule size.

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Our mission is to fulfilled clients through quality products, services, safe work practices and adherence to courses of events

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