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Universal Clean room Technologies is famous manufacturers and exporters of a wide scope of clean room. Owing from our group of experienced originators, their industry aptitude and usage of current development in our assembling strategy has engaged us to both standard and customized range of as per the client's requirements.

Our committed specialists, specific experts and other changing authorities are constantly associated with finding better approaches to manage give best quality to our customers.

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Set apart by quality, fast request handling and convenient conveys,
we have accomplished the most elevated level of customer fulfillment
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Clean Room

The goal of clean rooms is to give a space wherein customers can create fundamental sections and test products for execution, strength, etc without worrying over pollution. Clean rooms additionally enable clients to reproduce the earth or conditions in which a thing will be used. Clean rooms are fundamental to applications that depend on flawless air quality.

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HVAC Clean Room

HVAC Clean Room is the system which is using to give warming ventilation and cooling for controlled condition. HVAC Clean Room will expect the indispensable job in defilement control for clean room projects. The critical parts using in clean room ventures air scattering is Air Handling Units, Filter Modules.

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CleanRoom Equipments

Clean room equipments used in the execution and inconceivable sturdiness. Energized by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HPEA) channels, the contraption is prepared for clearing particles that are as 0.5 microns. Right when air goes into the room, it gets drawn by the channel, making positive weight and ensuring most outrageous cleanliness.

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Hospital Clean Room

Hospital clean rooms can fill a couple of one of kind needs. One of these is to guarantee patients with exchanged off immune systems. Another is to fill in as Hospital clean rooms in clinical centre medication stores. In either model, noteworthy degrees of common control are required to make sure about patients' prosperity.

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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow Units are extraordinary quality being developed, low level of working disturbance and perfect product security. The unit is viably destroyed and amasses with the desire for complimentary advancement from one spot to other. Air is drawn through a H14 type HEPA divert and blown in an amazingly smooth.

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Pharma Clean Room

Pharma clean rooms are created and built for use in imaginative, testing circumstances with selective desires for cleanliness, quality, versatility, quality and hard and fast expense of ownership. The completed arrangement of action meets all of the necessities of GMP. The entirety of this results in a long service life and a reliably high quality.

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Modular Clean Room

Modular Clean Room industry is continually giving indications of progress, ending up being logically mind boggling and mentioning imaginative reactions to the pollution free condition. Our cultivated endeavour the official's staffs eagerly overviews equipment details and supervises all pieces of the arrangement resolute nature of products.

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Prefabricated Clean Room

Prefabricated Clean Room is definitely organized and made by using the superior raw materials with the guide of current assembling techniques under the supervision of our specialists. Our products are offered to a wide variety of adventures over the globe. We offer wide flexibility to meet one of a kind.

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Our Vision

To vision is be a coordinated player in Clean room Solutions offering world class products and services so as to be among the primary overall providers of project Clean room courses of action.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue enduring customer associations by anticipating needs and conveying past desires. To examine customers' needs with innovative products.

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