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Clean rooms are utilized in practically every industry where little particles can unfavourably influence the manufacturing system. They vary in size and intricacy, and are utilized widely in businesses, for example, semiconductor producing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and life sciences, just as basic process manufacturing normal in aerospace, optics, military.

A clean room is any given contained space where arrangements are made to reduce particulate contamination and control other ecological boundaries like temperature, humidity and pressure. The key segment is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) channel that is utilized to trap particles that are 0.3 micron and bigger in size.

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The entirety of the air delivered to a perfect room goes through HEPA channels, and at times where severe cleanliness execution is essential, Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) channels are utilized.


Clean rooms are classified from ISO 1 to ISO 9. These standards depend on the number of particles permitted per unit volume of air inside the space. The actual size of a molecule is estimated in a unit called known as a micron (μm).

To place the size of a micron into viewpoint, a human hair is roughly 75 microns in width. An average room in a home would contain in excess of 10, 000, 0000 molecule of 0.5 µm or more, this generally likens to a class ISO 9 clean room.

Clean rooms can be classified by the necessary indoor molecule number per unit volume according to (ISO 14644-1), while the accompanying tests will be done to maintain with the classification:
Particles per cu.mt volume
HEPA/ULPA filter leak test
Room change test
Room air change each hour (ACH)


Eliminate open drive or belt-driven parts that could other in any case produce particles and defile the air stream
Ensure the utilization of non-out-gassing sealants
Fuse high static blowers to defeat HEPA channel misfortunes
Make more modest impressions to save significant floor space
Give the capacity to dehumidify environment
Exactly control temperature and humidity


A clean room normally requires a high standard of construction and should be worked with walls and roofs which are impenetrable and have smooth inward completes for simple cleaning. Clean rooms are by and large held under a positive tension, so a sealed shut development is basic to stay away from abuse of air to keep up with positive pressure.

The internal surfaces of a clean room should not separate effectively and delivery chips or particles into the general climate. Clean room surfaces (particularly floors) should to have the option to withstand solid solvents and acids which might attack surfaces. Clean room constructions might be built utilizing ordinary building methods (blocks and engine) anyway the inward completion should be designed to suit the class of clean room.

ISO class 8 and 9 clean rooms may just require epoxy painted walls anyway this would be subject to the degrees of particles created by people and processes in the room. Ideally all internal walls should contain rigid metal or plastic sheets, fixed to a regular studded wall frame.

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The creation of low molecule count, contamination free products in the polymer designing area gives business a variety of new requirements and regulations with respect to the fundamental creation essentials.The product determinations come from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medicine and automotive engineering fields, just as the upto-electronics and groceries sectors, and executing them requires better ways for thinking, just as new innovations and processes.More tough acknowledgment specifications by the client, just as new legitimate rules and product risk, are constraining manufacturers to embrace significantly higher measures than previously when executing preparing units. This is the reason cover innovation, which is very basic in the pharmaceutical industry, has now gotten set up in plastics preparing.The motivation behind insulator innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing is to ensure product and work force security during the filling process of sterile products; that is, the preparing and filling territory is airtight closed from the environment.


Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad
Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad
Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad

Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad
Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad
Clean room manufacturers in chennai,bangalore,mysore,hyderabad