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Clean Room



Prefabricated cleanrooms are detached, modular systems that are designed to give predominant cleanroom performance and sharp, clean style. They feature a panelized divider structure in the middle of metal tubs to establish completely encased cleanroom environment and can be utilized with filtered air systems for increased cleanliness levels. Standard hard wall cleanrooms can be arranged in a scope of shapes and measures and are not difficult to install and relocate.


Our prefabricated hard wall cleanrooms are designed for quick and simple installation. Most installation can be finished in days, because of our modular designs and the directions included with each clean room system. No unique tools are required most openings are pre-punched and pre-drilled, so all segments just slide, snap, or set up.

Following installation, the flexible modular design allows you to extend, move, change, or reconfigure your standard hard wall cleanroom, depending on the situation. This adaptability gives you a stand-out resource that can undoubtedly stay up with your advancing cleanroom necessities.

Removable wall panels are supported by substantial 3" x 3" anodized aluminum support posts with upper cross panels. All help posts include a leg-leveling glide that adjusts to oblige varieties in floor level. Walls extend out to about 2" above floor level, allowing air to be vented around the whole edge. Adjustable wall vents between the lower part of the wall panels and the floor consider calibrated room pressure; some hard wall cleanroom systems may require extra vents for higher absolute airflow.


The patterns in clean room technology are changing at a quick speed. Everything in the clean room directly from equipment to garments of clothing is evolving. Besides because of the sky-rocketing costs, pharmaceutical companies need to reconsider prior to building a clean room facility particularly when their product are yet to be affirmed. To avoid this vulnerability of manufacturing of unapproved products, companies are currently adopting modular ideas.

Prefabricated clean room is the most latest technology where steel sandwich protected panels of various center material and cladding materials are utilized for room construction rather than concrete mortar construction which helps in efficient, power saving because of protection of rooms and moving of one unit to another depending upon suitability and between moving of cleanroom in same plant additionally, says an industry expert.

Clean room particular parts are a best option in contrast to routinely constructed civil walls; first and foremost because they don't shed any particles like civil walls, consequently offering less to airborne particulate matter and besides they can be handily cleaned each day. Likewise the wall thickness of modular partition is not exactly that of a civil wall, in this way giving more usable region to clean room applications, he brought up.

Prefabricated cleanrooms are all the more generally utilized for bigger cleanrooms inside a manufacturing space. These cleanrooms are adaptable to long term development and moving large equipment through the removable wall panels. They additionally have the adaptability of using a once through or recycling HVAC plan. Also, the assortment of wall panels’ construction and surface material allows these systems to be pragmatic in practically any environment.