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Prefabricated Clean Room

Prefabricated Clean Room

Prefabricated clean rooms comprise of a controlled situation that has low degrees of contaminations, for example, vaporized particles, airborne microorganisms, residue, and compound fumes.

Prefabricated Cleanroom system is manufactured explicitly to keep up a controlled degree of contamination that is indicated by the quantity of particles per cubic meter at a predefined molecule size.

Prefabricated clean rooms are unattached,modular systems that are intended to give superior Cleanroom execution and sharp, clean feel.

They include a panelized divider structure in the middle of metal tubs to make completely encased Cleanroom condition and can be utilized with sifted air systems for expanded cleanliness levels.

Standard hard divider clean rooms can be arranged in a scope of shapes and measures and are anything but difficult to introduce and relocate.