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Welcome to Universal Clean room Technologies, the company for building your working space, from high-tech mechanical environments to the completing. We dominate in building cleanrooms, clean seats and realising projects in the completing business. We offer full guidance, plan and designing in-house.

Creation and execution is finished by our accomplished staff. Our manufacturing expertise for the business underlines our comprehension of the requirement for, and requirements of clean room assembly.

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Set apart by quality, fast request handling and convenient conveys,
we have accomplished the most elevated level of customer fulfillment
that prompts rehashed orders.

Clean Room

A clean room can be arranged into various degrees of contamination depending upon the measure of particles permitted in the space, per cubic meter. These Clean rooms additionally control variables factors like temperature, air flow, and humidity.

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HVAC Clean Room

HVAC clean rooms are normally certified with ISO standards that set up the level of cleanliness that should be kept up with inside. These HVAC Clean rooms ISO standards require a thorough design by an industry expert that takes into account.

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CleanRoom Equipments

Our experts will outfit your clean room equipments with project-explicit furnishings, equipment, and storage room. We'll likewise ensure you have the right supplies and testing equipment to keep your clean room equipments up to standard consistently.

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Hospital Clean Room

Hospital Clean room classifications are determined by the amount and size of particulates that can be measured in a cubic meter of hospital clean room. These measurements are utilized to build up the order and necessities for the hospital clean room.

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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar air Flow is otherwise called clean benches because the air for the working conditions is altogether cleaned by the exactness filtration measure. Laminar air Flow works by the utilization of in-stream laminar air drawn through at least one HEPA channels.

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Pharma Clean Room

Pharma Clean rooms give a sterile climate that maintain standards and limitations in regards to molecule size and number per ISO Class. With increased regulations regarding product purity, pharmaceutical industries require clean rooms for the manufacturing.

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Modular Clean Room

Modular clean rooms include hard wall construction mounted between anodized aluminum presents on make a completely encased region. Modular clean rooms are not difficult to gather and reassemble and are suggested for ISO Class 5-8 clean rooms.

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Prefabricated Clean Room

To maintain with the cleanliness of your prefabricated clean room when personnel, samples, or equipment should go in and out, we offer completely fixed air showers with 99.97% supreme channels and pass-through chambers in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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What We Do

Our Vision

Universal Clean room Technologies is the leading provider of great particular cleanrooms in the Bangalore, India. We supply clean rooms all over India. This they understand by focusing on the process and the experience of their clients and by taking a stab at advancement and improvement.

Along these lines, we offer the best quality solution. Products by us are the most energy-proficient and are ensured to have the least working expenses and most minimal expense of ownership in the market.

Our Mission

Universal Clean room Technologies, has a mission. It needs to enable any company or research foundation to quicken advancement technology by giving proficient, moderate measured cleanrooms and flow cabinets.


Modern, completely prepared clean room offices
Clean room expertise in a wide range of necessities
A profoundly skilled, adaptable labour force of clean room architects and specialists
A full range of top of the high end assembly services

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